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'59, sci fi epic, Janine Lewis, 2059
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Destiny's Daughter
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Destiny's Daughter

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Alien mystery series

When Captain Donald Lewis set sail on the first mission to the stars in 2059 he promised his daughter Janine that he would return from the nineteen month voyage in plenty of time for her 21st birthday.

He never returned!

This is the first instalment in Janine's epic quest to discover her father's fate.

23 year old Dawn Dempsey is the newest recruit to the FBI's elite Alien Visitation Investigation team.

A brilliant scientist and martial arts expert she passed all the tests and background checks with flying colors.

One detail the FBI didn't discover - she's one of the aliens they're hunting.

'59 Audio

Coming Jan 2014

Listen to the first story below, completely free of charge.

The exciting audio for '59 will be available for you to listen to FREE from December.

Stories narrated by Brian Fileman.

Brian Fileman, originally trained as an architect, has been acting across Leeds and West Yorkshire since 1997 and has been involved in numerous plays including seven Shakespearean productions and a ninety minute one man show. In addition to acting he also composes for eclectic rock band Biennial Farm.

You can view his profile and contact him via : http://www.castingcallpro.com/uk/view.php?uid=426776

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